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Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

Photo courtesy of Medieval Times What is this place, anyway?

Medieval Times is your chance to step back into the 11th century for dinner and a grand production! Sit comfortably in an arena with 1000 of your close friends, trusted allies – oh, and your antagonistic opponents of course. Take in some period-friendly grub (using the oldest of utensils to eat – your hands), while you watch the peasants appease the King and Princess with their talents – falcon flight, graceful horse training, and more. And finally, the draw and appeal of the event, you see the six brave knights joust and sword-fight their way into your heart!

The Review in a Nutshell

Prepare to lose yourself in time once you step through the ticket gate. Only those with hearts of stone will not enjoy themselves at this grand production. You mingle before the show with the King and his Princess, knights, guardsmen and paupers. You have opportunity to take in a drink (with or without alcohol), see brave young men knighted, tour a dungeon full of feudal torture equipment, and more.

Once the doors open and you are ushered into the arena, you can immediately fill the adrenaline rise in your body. The food is quickly served; there is more than you can eat. And without delay the show begins. The audience participation keeps you engaged throughout dinner and dessert! And the main event – the contest of swordsmanship and jousting – is captivating beyond belief!

Need the Details?

Medieval Times is located within the Discovery Mills Shopping Center. The ticket window is located in the main hall of the Mall, and then you enter into the Medieval Times “complex” to the left. When you purchase tickets, be sure to tell them if you have food allergies, need gluten-free, or if you are a vegetarian.

Once you arrive and show your ticket you are given special cards with your table number and “color” (which corresponds to a section in the main arena). You are also given a “crown” to wear with your colors. It is always important to know who your friends are – and your opponents. As you walk a little further inside you are asked to stand with “characters” for a picture. At the time we were there our group was given the chance to get a picture with either the Princess or the falcon and his trainer. These pictures are available for purchase within the main lobby.

After your picture is taken you are ushered into the (large) main lobby to wait for the show to begin. There is plenty to do and see here, so I recommend coming well before the show. The first thing we did was walk to the opposite wall where the long bar is set up with creative alcoholic drinks, as well as beverages for the kids (even pink lemonade).

To the left of entry are restrooms (the largest set). There is a very large gift shop area (which is also accessible from the Mall). There are tons of fun things in the gift shop including life-size knight’s armor. But on the more affordable side, your own princes and princesses might enjoy the flowing tiaras or wooden swords. This is where the Dungeon is located. This is a super mini-museum with interesting artifacts of medieval torture. I have to admit I was captivated! Finally, there is a larger-than-life fireplace with tables and chairs for taking a load off.

To the right of the main entry you can see young children being knighted by the King (this requires a special package, but is a reasonable cost for your medieval times loving child). There is a windowed area showing off a beautiful owl, more restrooms, and a place to see and purchase your pictures.

Once the time arrives, the large arena doors are opened and you are called by color to find your seat. After everyone is seated, your server (1 per row in each section) introduces himself and gives you the lay of the land. Your menu is printed on your napkin, and you can pick from Pepsi, sweet tea or water to drink. A bar maid comes around a few times, as well, for something a little harder. And your server begins to bring out your food, one or two items at a time.

While you are eating, the “pre-show” begins. The King and his Princess are introduced and seated. There are elaborate horse tricks, and an amazing falcon flying demonstration. The 6 knights are introduced, and you get the opportunity to cheer for your section’s knight! They show off their talents doing awesome demonstrations with their spears and horses.

Shortly after dessert (about an hour into the show) the tempo of the show changes. Saftey netting is let down from the ceiling between the audience and the center stage. They make an announcement that people who are not interested in the more “action packed” part of the show might want to leave at this point. I didn’t see anyone leave.

At this point, the main plot of the story begins to come clear. Beginning with the former champion, the knights challenge each other for the King’s favor. And of course, there is a super-villain who must be fought! Each knight’s move is carefully choreographed. There are swords, maces, lances and more; fighting on horses, and rolling on the ground. It is suspenseful and intense – and so much fun!! Yes, my Mommy mind knew it wasn’t real – but I was captivated nonetheless.

I can’t give away the ending; you have to go and see for yourself! But I can tell you that this was two hours of fun that we will never forget!

The KNOW Before You Go

  • Medieval Times is fun and fabulous, but it isn’t cheap. You can frequently find deals on the larger-known deal sites or the Medieval Times website – take advantage of these!
  • There are restrooms to the left and right as you walk in. The ones to the left are much, much larger and the line tends to be shorter.
  • Cash and cards are accepted throughout, but there is an ATM in the lobby if you want cash – sometimes that is just easier.
  • We are a family that is fine with our kids “pretend” sword-fighting and jousting. (I only left my 4 yr old at home because we wanted to have a special time with our older kids). But, if you are a family that does not feel comfortable exposing your children to (make-believe) fighting then you might leave them at home. (There is no blood – it is basically “sparring”)
  • Plan to arrive about 45 minutes before the show in order to take in the fun in the lobby area before the show.
  • Don’t forget to tell your ticket purchaser about any special dietary restrictions you have so that they can accommodate you for dinner.
  • From the time the arena doors open until dessert is served and the “action-packed part” of the show begins is about an hour. The “main event” lasts about another hour.
  • Please be nice and tip your server well – they work their tails off bringing all the food and drinks. And when you think they are getting a break, take a closer look….they are also participating in the show.
  • There are special opportunities for Educators. Check out the website for more information.
  • Kids under 3 who sit in your lap are free. This facility is not too stroller friendly, though. Due to the intensity and length of the show, I would not recommend taking this route.

Necessary Details

Please visit the website or call for costs, hours, program information, and more.

Medieval Times Atlanta
5900 Sugarloaf Pkwy
Lawrenceville GA



Thank you to BravePR for the invitation to attend the media preview of this event. While our entrance was complimentary, our opinions cannot be bought and are honest and completely our own.

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