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World of Coca-Cola

What is this place, anyway?

The World of Coca-Cola is a high-tech, beautiful, interactive museum that allows you to experience the evolution and diversity of the Coca-Cola name brand. This experience engages all the senses. There are movies, art exhibits, character interactions, historical references, a round-the-world tasting center, and so much more!

The Review in a Nutshell

We spent 2 hours at this amazing museum with our 3 and 4 year olds, and we could easily have spent more time if our kids were a little older. This museum is perfect for about age 3 to 103 (and would even make a fun adult-only date night). I was blown away at the number of things to do here, and the high quality of each of the exhibits. World of Coke is not just for tourists – it’s a super fun experience for the locals, too!

Need the Details?

You can always purchase tickets once you get there, but consider purchasing tickets on line. The website provides a few special offers, so check it out. Once you get there, you can park in the World of Coca-Cola parking lot for $10 (as of this writing). There are lots for half that just across the street, but you will just want to weigh the pros and cons of each. With pre-schoolers, a busy traffic day and a pregnant Mommy in tow, we opted for the Coke lot and thought it was well worth the price. Bring your parking ticket with you so that you can pay at the kiosks for a speedier exit. 

There are no food concessions/restaurants within the museum. There are great opportunities for dining at all price levels within walking distance around the museum. We opted for burgers at Pemberton Café, located right between the Coke museum and the Aquarium. Kid’s meals are also available and reasonably priced. There are also clean restrooms, vending machines, water fountains, and a fun green space for the kiddos to run around and let off energy.

Once you secure your tickets and make it past the bag check and metal detectors, you are in the main lobby entrance. There are beautiful large coke bottle art and fun TV screens to keep the kids’ attention as you wait for the next showing within the Coca-Cola Loft. There are great restrooms (even the men’s room has a changing station!), and maps to review. There is also some interesting reading on the wall about how the building is a Leed Gold building (neato!).

After a max wait of 10 minutes in the lobby, you are escorted into the Loft where you learn about various Coca-Cola artifacts. My favorite two things in here were the “priciest” artifact (a Normal Rockwell painting) and the “oldest” artifact (an old coke syrup jar). From there you are led into the Happiness Factory Theater (no photos here). This is a theater showing a 6 minute animated video about the values of Coke. It is super cute and really kept the kids’ attention! The tour guide encourages you to sit up front in order to exit the theater first; I think the view of the movie is much better from up top though, so you might consider hanging out up there.

Once the movie is over, the tour guide directs you out of the theater into The Hub of the museum. The rest of the tour is self-guided (unless you purchase a ticket for a special guided tour). The Hub offers more restrooms, and a wide open space with great art. The Coke Polar Bear is set up here so that you and the kids can get your picture taken. Here (and at the Olympic torch upstairs), the Coke photographer must first take their picture of you, but after that you can use your own camera. The professional photos are available in the gift shop as you exit the museum.

On this level of The Hub there are three additional exhibits you can check out: The Vault, The Bottle Works, and the Milestones Galleries. My son loved the Bottle Works where visitors can see a bottling and packaging plant simulation. In the evening after our visit, he told his Dad that the “yellow robot arm” was his favorite thing at the museum! The Vault is where the super secret formula is held. Mom enjoyed reading about how the formula exchanged hands over time; the kiddos were all about the interactive computer exhibits including a “balance machine” where you can try and guess the magical balance of flavors in a yummy Coke! And don’t skip the Milestones Gallery where you can see a real 1930’s delivery truck from Argentina!

Once you’ve finished the first floor, climb the giant staircase (ok, there are also elevators) to the second floor for much more excitement! The Perfect Pauses Theater was a nice place for kids (and Moms) to take a small break and enjoy some fun Coke commercials from other countries. There are also more restrooms on this level, and a glass railing which makes it fun to look down and see the Coca-Cola Polar Bear.

The 4D theater is upstairs, where you can watch an exciting movie about a scientist and his side-kick searching for the secret Coke formula. We loved how the time frame for the movie and the next showing were posted up on the wall so we could manage our time correctly to see the show. As you make your way to the movie waiting area you are given 4D glasses – ones for adult and kids (you get to keep these which makes the kiddos happy).

We wanted to say a few words about the movie. It is a very cute movie with a neat plot. And it is 4D - complete with moving seats, water, blasts of air, etc. For older kids and adults – it is an awesome experience. For our 3 and 4 year olds, it was a little intimidating. We opted for the “non-moving” seats in the back row (there are 8 available), but it was still a bit too much for them. Not a big deal, we were able to easily scoot out the exit door; we just want to give a heads up to those with younger children or sensory issues.

Once you leave the theater you find yourself right at an incredible photo op – a real Olympic torch from the London games! While our smaller kiddos were not as awestruck as we were, Lori and I immediately jumped at the chance to get our photo taken! We then made our way around to the Pop Culture Gallery. The boys were mesmerized by the interactive Pop Culture displays; the Moms enjoyed the artwork. There is also a cute little “artifact” area for making adorable pictures of the kids!

Last but not least (by far), we made our way to the Tasting Experience. Here you can taste over 60 different flavors of Coke products from around the world! You can also add flavors to the all-familiar Coke (Lori like the Raspberry Coke concoction she “invented”). I’m not sure who enjoyed this part more, the kids or the moms! And luckily for the kids, there are extra restrooms in this part of the museum, too.

Once you get your fill of world-wide yumminess, you can reach into the special bottling area and pick out your own bottle of Coca-Cola to take home with you. Make your way through the gift shop area and check out amazing Coke products that you have never seen before; pick up a little trinket for the family and check out your Polar Bear and Torch pictures.

We enjoyed ourselves immensely, and highly recommend this museum for all ages! In fact, our boys are still talking about it!

The KNOW Before You Go

  • Plan on spending 2-3 hours enjoying the museum. More time is needed if you want to take time for lunch out at Pemberton Park in front of the museum.
  • I’m not sure a kiddo younger than 3 would appreciate the fun experience of the museum, but if you are bringing along a younger sibling the museum is stroller (and wheelchair) friendly. The older your kids, the more they will enjoy this awesome place.
  • There is not a restaurant inside the museum, but there are plenty of restaurants in the area including Pemberton Café right outside the front entrance.
  • If you are facing the museum, to the right and across the street are two really neat playgrounds for the kids should you need to let out some wiggles or wait for a friend.
  • If you have a younger kid or one with sensory issues, please be sure to read about the 4D theater experience (in the Details section above) before you go.
  • Parking at the Coke Lot is $10 (as of this writing). Lots nearby are cheaper if you are willing and able to walk a little farther.
  • Don’t skip the photo ops with the Polar Bear and Olympic Torch! You can elect to purchase one of their professionally taken pictures, or you can bring your own camera and take your own shots, too!
  • Great resource for teachers or homeschoolers. Check out their Teacher Toolkit Page. Once a year they host an Open House and host teachers and a guest to enjoy and learn all they have to offer. Unfortunately, the 2012 Open House is already at capacity, but you can email schools@worldofcoca-cola.com to get the information from the Open House. We have an awesome giveaway, courtesy of World of Coca-Cola, of “Back to School” proportions!!
  • Admission Pass to Atlanta's "World of Coca-Cola" and 5 other attractions only $69.00 at CityPASS - $141.28 value if purchased separately


Necessary Details

Please visit the website or call for costs, hours, program information, and more.

World of Coca-Cola
121 Baker Street NW
Atlanta GA




We appreciate our free tickets to attend this venue. While our entrance was complimentary, our opinions cannot be bought and are honest and completely our own.




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