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Our philosophy is all about growing relationships and developing strategic partnerships. We believe in respect and reciprocity, and seek to portray that in our business relationships and the media and advertisement that we present to our loyal readers.


Expedition Mom is a featured blog on national travel site, Raveable.com, that was voted Travel+Leisure Top Travel Website 2010. We are also active in local and national media and PR networking groups.



What our readers and sponsors say:

  • ”Having a ball checking out your site!!! I'm getting so many great ideas! Thank you!!!!!” -Deanna W.
  • ”Tried out one of your indoor spots today. Thank you again for all you do. We would have never known about it without you.” -Leslie D.
  • “Thank you so much Expedition Mom for creating such an amazing site!” -Amy L.
  • “I have four preschool children and am always looking for new, fun things to do with them. Your blog has been quite an inspiring find! Thanks so much!” -Jacey G.
  • “The write up was awesome thanks so much : )” “Thanks so much Lori- 6 new fans today, all because of you : )” “Just wanted to thank you again. I have 11 more likes on my facebook and my normal hits on my website have been between 200-300 a day lately but yesterday - 700!!!” -Jacqueline S.

Adventure Guides:

Want to invite Expedition Mom to come out and provide a “Giving You the KNOW Before You Go” Adventure Guide your business or event? Email us at info@expeditionmom.com to schedule a review at NO CHARGE. It’s who who are and what we do. Our mission is to help families feel comfortable about exploring new avenues of fun. An Adventure Guide gives our readers the no-nonsense lowdown on your location or event, and tips they cannot readily glean from your website. While our time can be persuaded, our opinions and observations cannot.  See why our readers trust us for all the KNOW before they go.

Other Partnership Opportunities:

  • Sponsored Adventures
  • Coupon/Special Offer Placement
  • Premium Banner Advertising
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Guest Posts
  • Giveaways


We do offer multi-month discounts. Please email us for a discount code when purchasing multiple months at once.

We reserve the right to refuse any ad-based content, product, or site being promoted. We are so very appreciative of the time our readers invest in us and therefore refuse to solicit them with unrelated content and advertising. All ads must reflect the mission and values of Expedition Mom.

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So you think we might be a good fit? To submit an advertising proposal, please direct them to Lori@ExpeditionMom.com.

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